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Rocky Mountain K9 was created by Wendy Pearson, Vanessa Strong, and David and Samantha Kitchen. These four individuals have an unquenchable love for all dogs alike. They all became acquainted in December 2019 as David and Samantha had two of their beloved dogs trained by Wendy and Vanessa. This experience quickly grew into an amazing friendship that grew and developed into Rocky Mountain K9. In May of 2020, their dream was alive and well. Over 50 happy customers were served in their first month of business due to their amazing training techniques that truly helped transform each dog into a wonderfully behaved companion and experinced dog trainer.

Due to hardships with the coronavirus, the team was forced to stop all group lessons and focus completely on individual training sessions. During this process, they still wanted to help the masses. Later in 2020, Rocky Mountain’s daycare and boarding service was launched. But the group knew that it couldn’t be the mainstream boarding option that so many dog owners already knew. Instead of offering each dog a kennel and a place to run around, they set out to create a fun and exciting environment on their 5-acre property in Oakley, Utah. Not only does each dog have as much room to roam as they want, each dog receives 30 minutes of specialized training to help work on problem areas and to stimulate their minds so they truly go home better than they came.

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